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Indian e-visa

To visit in India, you can now get an Electronic Visa (e-visa). Indian government has made it easy for the tourists travelling to India by starting online Indian tourist e-visa for many countries. People from about 161 countries can now apply online for e-tourist visa. Application can be made online within 4 to 34 days before arriving in the country. An e-visa is valid up to 30 days and allows only single entry in the country.

Make sure that you have all the necessary documents which are needed while filling online application form. You must print the form and retain a copy. While travelling in India, it is must to carry your visa. One can issue the e-visa for only 60 days i.e. a period of 2 months. And if you want to visit again in the country, then it can be issued again for at least 3 times in a particular year.

Requirements for e-visa

  • Residential address proof
  • Passport size photographs
  • Current passport & an old passport if you have
  • Passport & other related documents
  • Supporting documents

You are required to fill online application, scan the documents, upload your photo and provide necessary details about yourself.